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Are You Feeling Overwhelmed With Life and Don't Know How to Progress With Your Goals? Do you have a dream or a vision for your life but feel overwhelmed by the day to day tasks, never get caught up, and are exhausted at the end of the day? Do you feel like you are holding yourself back and you don't know how to unstuck yourself?

In the pages of this book, Porta offers a vulnerable look into her own mistakes and imperfections and explains how she was letting her past define her, which ultimately held her back from living a life full of hope, progress and purpose.

Filled with mindset tips and recommendations that you can apply TODAY to your life to move from thinking that your dreams and goals are impossible and started believing "I'm Possible". Focusing on how the healing power of forgiveness, establishing boundaries in your daily habits and routines, setting goals, and changing your mindset can completely change your life in ways that you never knew were possible! Porta shows you:


  • how forgiving yourself and others from your past can free you from the chains that have been holding you back to move forward in your life and achieve your inner most dreams and aspirations
  • the benefits of letting go of the pressures of society and being more focused on the process and progress rather than the results you are achieving and how this can exponentially launch you into breaking down the walls that have been holding you back
  • practical tips for establishing a morning routine, setting boundaries, and implementing tools to help you be the most productive you without sacrificing the things that matter most: self care, family time, hobby pursuits, and making a God impact in others' lives


Buy now to shift your mindset from impossible and start making changes to your habits and routines NOW to stop holding yourself back from your God-given potential!

A Guide to Help You Break Free from the Impossible and Move to I'MPossible

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    Signed copies are shipped via USPS.

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