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About Me


Angela RayLynne

I have been an Entrepreneur in the Health & Beauty Industry since 2012, specifically on social media since 2017. Interacting with hundreds of people doing makeup and hair tutorials quickly became a love for talking to people about life, mindset, and encouraging them through the tough stuff.


I began to form a community where we talked about hair and makeup, but those conversations became deeper. Many people would share about their struggles. I would give them my advice, and what I encouraged them to do was helping them! Something stirred in me. A passion to do more with coaching others as a bigger part of my life.

I have been on my own journey of a Life Makeover and have invested in myself (and continue to invest in personal coaching) to become a better version of myself.


Now I want to help others make the changes they desire in their own life. You have EVERYTHING inside of you to make a change! YOU are worth investing in yourself! Let’s work together to help you accomplish your goals!

My Philosophy

Everyone’s life has struggles. I believe it’s not about the struggle - it’s about the overcoming.


These four life lessons have helped me in my life and have molded some of my coaching philosophy:

  • Your mindset matters. What you mentally consume, the way you talk, and the people you surround yourself with—all of that input impacts your mindset and your mindset impacts your life.

  • In order to work through life’s struggles, we must focus on finding peace and strength in that particular struggle. How can we GROW through what we GO through. When your focus is no longer on the things you can’t control but on how you can respond in a way that gives you peace and healing, that is when true growth and fulfillment can happen.

  • YOU and YOUR self care matter. If you neglect yourself, it will be very difficult for you to value yourself and in turn value the ACTION that you need to take in your life to make the progress you are ready to make.

  • You must become self aware. Aware of the way that you think. Aware of the positive and the negative habits that you have so that you can overcome those negative habits and create a plan that will allow you to achieve your goals.

I can help you with your Makeover - whether that is a 180 degree turn or to hone in on something specific.

Through partnering with one another on this journey, I'll help you create breakthroughs that will propel you forward in your life. I can help you to clarify or even find your God-given purpose and happiness. Whatever it is, I am excited to help you through your life transformation and Mindset Makeover!

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